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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are medications much more affordable in Canada compared to the USA?

The Canadian government controls the prices pharmaceutical companies can charge for their products. This ensures that Canadians — and now Americans through licenced Canadian Internet pharmacies — are not forced to choose between paying a mortgage, or buying food for one's family.

2. What do I need to do before filling my prescription with your Canadian pharmacy?

  • Obtain a prescription from a physician licensed to practice medicine in your area of residence.
  • Download the Prescription Forms here and complete the enclosed forms and fax them to Canadian pharmacy.
  • Your forms will be reviewed by a licensed Canadian phamacists and a Canadian doctor will review your Patient Profile form.
  • You can submit your first order with your completed patient forms.
  • Note that a maximum three-month supply may be filled for each medication prescrbed (if your doctor writes a prescription for more than a three-month supply, those drugs can be filled as refills).
  • Finally a few words of advice: when looking for a reputable online pharmacy, apply the same high standards that you would use when looking into any place of business and stay away from online Web sites that make unsubstantiated claims of incredible medical results or cures.

3. How long will it take for your pharmacy to dispense my drugs and deliver them to my home?

Your order may take up to 3 days for our dipensing pharmacy to process and up to 21 days for shipping provided that there are no problems with your order (i.e. missing information, credit card processing difficulties). In addition, the postal system is currently experiencing delays in the western and south-western areas of the U.S. owing to mail volumes at customs facilities in those areas. The affected states are:

New Mexico
Florida — Even though this state is in the east, it has been added to the list because the U.S. Customs inspection regime has been increased here as well.

As a result delivery times may exceed the maximum 21-day delivery time expectation. If you live in one of these affected areas, please plan your prescription order lead times to compensate for the possibility of a delivery delay.

4. Why does our pharmacy not sell all drugs that I can get in the USA?

Our Canadian pharmacy legally cannot ship any narcotic or controlled substance across the border. They also will not sell any potentially habit-forming medications.

5. When I submit my forms to you, is all of my medical and credit card/payment information kept confidential?

Yes. All information sent is treated as confidential and will only be seen or reviewed by a pharmacy employees on a "need to know" basis.

6. Who sees the information I've submitted in the patient information form?

The only people that get to see your file are individuals employed by the licensed Canadian pharmacy filling your order- and working in a patient/customer contact position. Your file — including the payment information — is consider confidential and will not be viewed or shared with anyone outside of, or not employed, by our Canadian pharmacy partner.


Do you have a question not answered above?

Call our customer service, toll-free at 1-866-791-7711. Their knowledgeable staff will assist you in answering any questions.

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